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Duik for Blender is coming!

Duik in Blender! Codename: Bluik

Realtime cut-out character animation!

We’ll start its development if we reach the Level 2 of our crowdfunding campaign, and add more features with the next levels.

A glimpse at the features:
– Automatically import and build characters using our new OCO format.
– Create armatures for the character
– Auto-rig these armatures
– Animation tools
– 2D and 2.5D layout
– Render and export tools

Back it now: http://igg.me/at/rxot

Learn all details about DuME, our new Media Encoder

Here is DuME! A fast, versatile and easy-yo-use Free and Open Source Media Encoder.

You can already test a preview version of this great encoder able to render After Effects compositions, and help to crowdfund and allow us to finish the development, along with other awesome fre and open source tools.

The campaign is there: http://igg.me/at/rxot


Last week in France was April Fish Day! 🐟

We’ve made a little prank for the occasion with our beautiful PureWheel, but it wasn’t just a joke. We had important things to say, which you may have missed if you didn’t follow the links from the crowdfunding project. Have a look at http://rainbox.wtf to know more, including our Top 5 Of the Best (real) Crowdfunding Projects.

We also wanted you to know that the PureWheel prank was made 100% under Linux!

New tools for Blender

Blender users, we’re developing add-ons for you!

We’re posting them on the Rainbox Lab. website.

Already available are DuRPresets, to import and export render settings presets, and DuBlast which quickly renders and plays your animations (known as playblasts in Maya, but better).

We have a huge list of add-ons to develop, including Duik for Blender. Stay tuned!

Duik: The Source Code Book

The source code of Duik is available as a 650-page book!

This book contains the complete source code of Duik. It’s a manifesto for open source software. It’s a way to physically show how open source software is different from other software, to show and explain how important it is, how even this small free software may weigh to change the world. All of this is briefly explained in the preface by Duduf.