Learn all details about DuME, our new Media Encoder

Here is DuME! A fast, versatile and easy-yo-use Free and Open Source Media Encoder.

That’s what is already devaloped:

– Transcode any audio or video file
– Easy presets
– Transcode to and from Image Sequences
– Mix Media files (e.g. add sound to an image sequence)
– Render After Effects projects and transcode to any format

▶ And with enough help during the crowdfunding campagin ( http://igg.me/at/rxot ) here is what will be added:

– Render/Transcode queue
– Simple media player
– Render Blender scenes
– Append several inputs
– Add subtitles tracks
– Burn subtitles in picture
– Burn Metadata in picture (Timecode…)
– Support for more formats (Full EXR support, including all flavors and AOVs)
– …

More details about DuME here:

And have a look at the complete list of the tools we plan to develop:

To make it possible, we need your support here:

Pour les francophone, (re)voyez et partagez le live de Duduf avec Motion Café pour tout expliquer sur DuME: https://youtu.be/3nnAXpNNr5Q

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