Duik for Blender is coming!

Duik in Blender! Codename: Bluik

Realtime cut-out character animation!

We’ll start its development if we reach the Level 2 of our crowdfunding campaign, and add more features with the next levels.

A glimpse at the features:
– Automatically import and build characters using our new OCO format.
– Create armatures for the character
– Auto-rig these armatures
– Animation tools
– 2D and 2.5D layout
– Render and export tools

Back it now: http://igg.me/at/rxot


Last week in France was April Fish Day! 🐟

We’ve made a little prank for the occasion with our beautiful PureWheel, but it wasn’t just a joke. We had important things to say, which you may have missed if you didn’t follow the links from the crowdfunding project. Have a look at http://rainbox.wtf to know more, including our Top 5 Of the Best (real) Crowdfunding Projects.

We also wanted you to know that the PureWheel prank was made 100% under Linux!