New DuME: The LUT edition

DuME 0.3.0, the LUT edition, is available!

New in this 0.3.0 version

We’ve worked on color management, and LUTs:

  • Added LUT tools (working with OCIO‘s ociobakelut)
  • Added The Green Guide to transcoding to the documentation.
  • Added support for conversion to/from the ACEScg color space.
  • Partial OCIO support through LUTs and the ociobakelut tool.
  • Included Blender Filmic LUTs.
  • Improved color management process and added the ability to set the color working space or to disable color management.
  • Added an option to apply LUT before or after color management (on input or output color space).
  • A lot of small UI Tweaks to improve the user experience.
  • Continuing code refactor to improve maintenance and stability.

To read the list of all fixes and known issues, read the detailed changelog.

Download DuME now!

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