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A new version of DuME has just been released! Although it is still a 0.x version (0.2.0 exactly), you can already use it to render your After Effects projects very quickly, and transcode any media files.

New in this 0.2.0 version

We’ve added and improved support for more formats, including:

This expands the list of officially supported formats, which already included PNG, webm, Prores, HAP, etc. But the complete list of formats is only limited by what FFmpeg can do, and that’s pretty much everything.

To help you transcode to these new formats, we’ve also added carefully hand-crafted new presets.

We’ve also added some new filters to modify, adjust and improve your videos:

We’ve redesigned the color management process.

Now, converting videos from different color spaces is really easy. In most cases, DuME will just take care of things for you. And if you need something specific, you still have the possibility to set all parameters manually (color space, primaries, transfer curve…).

And among other things, we’ve tweaked the UI, fixed a lot of bugs, improved After Effects rendering, added options in the After Effects script, etc. Read the detailed changelog to learn every new little detail.

Download DuME now!

Les francophones peuvent aussi (re)voir l’émission enregistrée avec Motion Café à propos de DuME lors de la campagne de crowdfunding.

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